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Marketing and Advertising | 22 Employees
"Having employee information scattered across different places creates such a level of stress and anxiety. You’re always wondering ‘did I forget to update that?’ or ‘where is that document stored?’
Once you know that everything is in one place, it’s easy to find, and you can access it from anywhere…it completely changed the way we ran our business."
Catherine Graham
President of RIGHTSLEEVE, CEO of commonsku
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Financial Advice | 50 Employees
"The introduction of Collage was an immediate benefit for StreetContxt. I especially love that new features are rolled out often and improvements to the existing platform are frequent and well-communicated."
Elisha Gray
Director, People and Culture, StreetContxt
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Nested Naturals
Retail | 15 Employees
"Collage’s recruiting portal has to be my favourite feature. It saves me so much time and effort, and it’s customizable, so I can view all of our job ads, candidates, and past candidates in one place. I never have to go searching in an excel file or a google doc.
I can collaborate with anyone in the company. Plus, if our CEO wants a talent update, he can immediately see our candidates, review their resumes, and track their interview progress right in Collage.”
Jennifer McPherson
General Manager, Nested Naturals
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Technology | 90 Employees
"With digital onboarding, we can focus our new hire's first day on training and accommodation instead of all this paperwork. That’s completely changed from our old process and saves me around two hours of admin work for every new employee.
From the new hire’s point of view, if it helps make their first impression of us a good one, that’s already a huge win."
Sarah Crandlemire
Manager, People and Culture, eSight
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Narcity Media
Marketing and Advertising | 50 Employees
"Offering benefits to our employees is important to us, but I didn't have time to shop for quotes, routinely fill out paper forms and constantly update everyone's information.
With Collage, it's all online and automatically updated, which is important to us as a paperless company."
Kelly Chrjapin
Chief Financial Officer
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Elisha Gray
Head over heels for @collagehr's platform *and* their amazing team!

Antoine 👋
yo @UserOnboard can you do a teardown of @collagehr, their onboarding execution is on point 👌🙏

We're proud to partner with @collagehr to power our HR needs! http://rentmoola.com/careers #hr #hrtech #hrtechnology
Using the right set of #digitaltools like @collagehr to make our team more #efficient and #productive #LeanStartup
Ward Christman
Love the #SMB market for #HRTech - go @collagehr !!

Scott Stirrett
@collagehr thanks for sharing! We are a big fan of your software at VFC :)