HR Pro Package Service Agreement

Effective date: March 7th, 2024

This page represents the Service Agreement for HR Pro Package services (the “Services”), which are provided by People Corporation and are accessible to you, the “Client”. The Services will be billed by Collage and provided by People First HR Services. Collage and People First HR Services are brands owned by and acting on behalf of People Corporation.

The Services will include two components:

1. HR OnCall: best HR practice advice and guidance related to HR inquiries in your organization via email and phone support. Services are available Monday to Friday 9:00am – 6:00pm CST.  Inquiries received within established service hours will receive a response within one business day. Ultimate resolution for clients may require additional time and/or contact with and information from clients. HR OnCall does not constitute legal advice or legal guidance.

2. HR Templates: templates are built by People First HR Services. You will select the templates you receive from a list provided to you. You will be eligible for three templates in your first month. Each subsequent month, you will be eligible for one additional template until cancellation. Templates are provided on an “as is” basis. Prior to usage, you may wish to edit the templates in a way that best suits your business and situations. All templates remain the intellectual property of People Corporation. People Corporation grants the Client rights to use the templates for reasonable business purposes. The Client is not allowed to sell the templates for any financial gain.

The Services are only available to Collage clients. Clients are billed on a monthly subscription basis. People Corporation reserves the right to adjust pricing or cancel the Services should individual Client usage exceed three times the average client usage for two consecutive months or if People Corporation deems providing the Services not commercially feasible to the Client. All amounts paid are nonrefundable. Clients are eligible for termination after 90 days and may terminate the agreement by providing 30 days written notice. In receiving the Services, the Client will be responsible for designating a primary representative who is responsible for selecting HR Templates. Up to two additional approved callers can be named to use the Services on behalf of the Client.

As a client, People Corporation may send you marketing materials and/or newsletters from time to time. You are able to unsubscribe from any such communications at any time.

This Service Agreement is subject to change from time to time at People Corporation’s discretion.