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Want to use ADP or Dayforce but tired of all the double entry? You came to the right place.
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Use the best payroll software

The best HR software is not the best payroll software, and vice versa. We allow you to have the best of both worlds while seamlessly syncing data. We partner with and don't compete with the best payroll providers. Payroll software supported: ADP, Dayforce PowerPay & PowerPay Plus, Desjardins, Nethris, Payworks, and Wagepoint.
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Eliminate double entry and errors

When you enter data into Collage, we update that data in your payroll platform. We make sure that new employees and terminations are reflected just as you intended. Make sure that your updates are flowing to your payroll software to drastically reduce errors and issues in the process.

Team of experts

Very few people are payroll experts. That's why we have an in-house payroll team to help you and your team. Stop wondering if your setup is correct, what to do about those changing regulations, and whether you can hire the right person in-house.
We help you make payroll easy.
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Choose between our two services

We have two services, depending on how much help you need. With Payroll Data Sync, we take care of the data flow to the payroll software. We are the bridge between Collage HR and your payroll solution. With Full Service Payroll, we run your payroll for you.
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Affordable price

Our Payroll Data Sync service costs a low $3 per user per month. Our Full Service Payroll is priced separately and is expected to lead to cost savings compared to hiring and training somebody in-house.
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Payroll Data Sync
+$3 per user
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Save countless hours by enabling sync of your new hire, termination, time off and compensation data to your payroll system. Manage all of your data in Collage and stop stressing about adding more work to your own team. Great fit for any team looking to save time and add automation to their processes.
Supported Payroll Providers:
ADP LogoCeridian logoDesjardins logoDesjardins logoNethris logoWagepoint
  • ADP
  • Ceridian/Dayforce PowerPay & PowerPay Plus
  • Desjardins
  • Nethris
  • Payworks
  • Wagepoint
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Full Service Payroll
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Make Collage your outsourced payroll department. You’ll get access to a dedicated payroll expert who will set up and run your payroll properly from beginning to end. We take care of the hard stuff, with ROE preparation and filings, year-end reporting, commissions, paying hourly employees, and more. Great fit for any team that does not have the time or expertise to run payroll in-house or for an international company with a Canadian team.
  • Payroll Data Sync
  • Pay run setup and execution
  • ROE preparation and filings
  • Benefits deductions
  • RSPs contributions
  • Dedicated Payroll Manager
  • Year-end reporting, review and audits
  • Bonuses, commissions and allowances
  • Pay hourly employees

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