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Collage HR makes managing your benefits plan a dream. Say goodbye to paper forms, manual entry, late enrolments and confused employees. Say hello to a streamlined, integrated benefits experience for HR admins and employees alike.

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People Corporation is a national provider of HR and group benefits services, currently serving over 2 million Canadians.

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When it comes to benefits, we understand choice is key. We offer market-leading connectivity with over 90% of the Canadian benefits market

We don't replace your benefits advisor

Unlike many of our competitors, at Collage we partner with your advisor rather than force you to move your business. Unlock the power of digital benefits administration without losing your trusted relationships.

Benefits enrollments from within your HRIS

Benefits enrollment is built into the employee onboarding flow. New hires' benefits enrollment gets done before their first day, and the enrollment is automatically sent to your carrier(s). With Collage HR you'll never have to think about benefits enrollment or do manual data entry again, and you'll rest easy knowing that each employee is enrolled in the right plan at the right time.

  • One click plan assignment
  • Complete enrollment during HR onboarding
  • Multi-provider support
  • Multi-division and class support
  • Error Validation
  • Enrollment automatically synced to carriers
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Ongoing HR data sync

Collage HR doesn't just solve enrollments for you, it drastically reduces the total work required to maintain your benefits plan as your team evolves.

Our smart benefits administration system will detect any change to employee salary, address, dependents or other information that impacts benefits, and will automatically sync those data updates from your HR system to your benefits carrier.

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Benefits plan summary portal for employees

Chances are your team doesn't know exactly what is included in their benefits coverage, and they don't know where to look to find this crucial information. Collage HR comes with a benefits plan summary portal that makes it easy for employees to get a refresh on their coverage right from the HR system.

  • Benefits plan summary broken down by coverage type Links to claims portals
  • Downloadable Booklets
  • Multi-Provider Support
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Benefits plan summary portal for employees on a white laptop

Built-in benefits compliance

Benefits plan administration is full of complex rules that the average person can't keep up with. Collage HR makes it easy to manage your plan and enrollment the right way so you can avoid costly errors that negatively impact your business and your employees alike.

  • Reduce risk of late enrollments
  • Reduce risk of errors via smart forms
  • Automated waiting periods
  • Improved plan admin visibility
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Dependent Management

When your team gets married or has a child, they need to add these dependents to the benefits plan in a timely and compliant fashion. Collage HR makes it easy to make updates to their dependent status right within the HR system, which is more convenient for them and helps plan admins ensure that dependents are being managed properly.

  • Add or update dependents within the employee profile
  • Overage dependent notifications
  • Dependent status reports
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Switch providers without re-enrollment

Let's face it, sometimes you need to change your benefits provider in order to get the best price and best coverage for your team. However changing carriers can be a huge job and disruptive to your team when you manage the process with paper forms.

With Collage HR, you can easily switch carriers without going through a costly re-enrollment process. This saves time and headaches for benefits plan administrators, but also puts the power in your hands to choose the best provider at any given time for your team's needs.

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Benefits data at your fingertips

Accessing your benefits information via your insurance carrier is a cumbersome process that often takes weeks. With Collage HR, you can access out-of-the-box benefits reporting, or create your own custom report with your custom reporting feature.

  • Benefit update digest
  • Benefits coverage reports
  • Dependent status reports
  • Custom benefits reports
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Offering benefits to our employees is important to us, but I didn't have time to routinely fill out paper forms and constantly update everyone's information. With Collage, it's all online and automatically updated.
Kelly Chrjapin
Narcity Media Inc.  |  129 Employees

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