Performance management made easy for managers and HR teams

Foster the development of your team through customized performance reviews tailored to their goals. Gather feedback from managers, peers, and team members to establish accountability and generate actionable insights through recurring review cycles.
Collage HR Time off module

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Customizable 360 degree performance reviews

Collage HR's dynamic performance review module offers customizable templates, diverse question types, and automated reminders for efficient evaluations. Our performance management module even allows managers to leave notes for later use.
Time off balances module
Time off policy creation

Recurring check-ins

Do you want to improve your 1:1s with meeting notes and clearer accountability? Set up our check-ins module with a recurring cadence.
Check-ins help ensure that managers and their reports engage in high-quality, structured dialogue about goals and feedback.

Goal setting and tracking‍

Easily set and monitor goals through Collage HR's performance management dashboard. Track employees progress and engage through targeted comments and an accessible view of team objectives to empower performance alignment and achievement.
Collage HR slack integration for time off management, module
Time off policy types

Maximum flexibility for your teams

We built our performance management module to allow you to standardize for your whole team or customize based on department needs across performance reviews, check-ins and goals. Stop using spreadsheets and other inflexible platforms while enjoying the benefits of our complete HRIS today.

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