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Collage HR Glossary and Definitions:

ATS (Applicant Tracking System):
Applicant tracking system (also known as applicant tracking software, ATS and recruiting software), is a digital solution designed to streamline the recruitment process by capturing, organizing, and analyzing candidate information, ensuring efficient talent acquisition and management for any organization.
Benefits Administration:
Benefits Administration refers to the process of creating, updating, and managing the employee benefits programs of an organization, encompassing health insurance, retirement plans, and other perks to enhance workforce well-being. Key components also include enroling and offboarding employees as well as updating employee information.
Benefits Management:
Benefits Management is the strategic approach to design, negotiate, and oversee employee compensation packages, ensuring that the organization remains competitive and supports employee satisfaction.
Core HR:
Core HR represents the foundational components of human resources management, including employee personal data, organizational hierarchies, and basic HR functions essential to every organization.
Employee Engagement:
Employee engagement measures the individual commitment and enthusiasm an employee has for their job and organization, directly influencing productivity, company loyalty, and overall workplace satisfaction.
Employee Onboarding:
Employee onboarding is the comprehensive process that integrates new employees into an organization, ensuring they understand their roles, the company culture, and are equipped with necessary tools and knowledge to succeed in their roles..
Employee Records:
Employee records are comprehensive documentation of an employee’s personal, professional, and employment-related information maintained by HR for administrative and compliance purposes.
Employee Training:
Employee training encompasses programs, workshops, and courses designed to improve an employee's skills, knowledge, and efficiency, helping the organization's growth and success.
HCM (Human Capital Management):
HCM or Human Capital Management (also used interchangeably with HR software, HR system, HRIS and HRMS), is a comprehensive approach to managing an organization’s people-related assets, focusing on acquiring, managing, and optimizing talent for organizational success.
HRIS (Human Resource Information System):
HRIS, or Human Resource Information System, (also used interchangeably with HR software, HR system, HCM and HRMS) is a specialized software solution that integrates various HR functions, from recruitment to payroll, into a single platform for efficient data management and analysis.
HRMS (Human Resource Management System):
HRMS, or Human Resource Management System (also used interchangeably with HR software, HR system, HCM and HRIS) is an integrated software solution that manages core HR functions, payroll, and benefits, centralizing data and simplifying HR operations.
HR Reporting:
HR reporting is the process of collecting, analyzing, and presenting data related to human resources activities, enabling better decision-making, forecasting, and strategic planning.
HR Software:
HR software (also used interchangeably with HR system, HCM, HRIS and HRMS), is a digital platform designed to automate and streamline HR tasks, from recruitment and payroll to performance reviews, fostering efficiency and accuracy in HR processes.
HR System:
HR system (also used interchangeably with HR software, HCM, HRIS and HRMS), is a digital platform designed to automate and streamline HR tasks, from recruitment and payroll to performance reviews, fostering efficiency and accuracy in HR processes.
Payroll management:
Payroll management is the systematic process of administering an organization's salary payments, encompassing wage calculations, tax deductions, and record-keeping. Payroll management can use payroll software or have more manual processes involving checks or cash.
Payroll software:
Payroll software is a dedicated digital tool that automates the process of compensating employees, ensuring accurate calculations, tax compliance, and successful pay periods.
Performance management system:
Performance management is a continuous process where managers and employees collaborate to monitor, evaluate, and enhance an employee’s work performance, aligning with organizational goals. A performance management process is often done in a performance management system, or performance management software, which helps record, automate, and simplify such processes.
PTO/Paid Time Off, refers to the days an employee is compensated despite not working, including vacations, personal days, or illness. PTO software or time off software allows companies to properly request, track, and monitor paid time off.
Recruiting software:
Recruiting software is a specialized digital solution aiding HR professionals in sourcing, assessing, and hiring top talent, ensuring the right fit for organizational needs.
Surveys are often used as digital tools by HR teams designed to gather feedback from employees on various workplace topics, such as employee satisfaction, employee engagement, or training, providing insights to improve HR strategies.
Vacation tracker/Paid leave:
A vacation tracker (used interchangeably with PTO) is a tool or software used to monitor and manage employees' paid leave requests, ensuring organized scheduling and workforce availability.
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