Employee Records

Centralized employee data, accessible from anywhere

Store all of your employee records in an online platform that syncs with your payroll and benefits providers. Collage makes it easy to maintain the employee data you need while eliminating tedious double-entry.
employee records
Employee Records Features
  • Employee database
    Store all your important employee information including documents, notes, promotions and more.
  • Documents & e-signatures
    Create, send, sign and store employment documents with in-app digital document management.
  • Org charts
    Help employees understand their team structure, and help HR admins plan future growth.
  • Custom permissions
    Protect sensitive data and give the right people access to the right information with custom access rules.
  • Training programs
    Add training modules, assign them to employees, and track their completion.
  • Team calendars
    Share key events, like birthdays, anniversaries, and time off on the company calendar.
  • Alerts and reminders
    Set up automatic alerts and email reminders for key dates and activities.
  • Custom employee profiles
    Add custom fields to each employee profile to capture the exact information you need.
  • Compensation and role history
    Collage automatically tracks changes over time to give you the full picture of each employee's lifecycle.
employee records
Let your employees manage their own data
Don’t be the gatekeeper—or bottleneck—for important employee updates. With Collage, employees can add and update their own information online from any device.
Synced with payroll and benefits
Collage integrates seamlessly with your payroll and benefits providers. That means changes to employee data are automatically reflected everywhere, with no extra effort from you.
employee records
Collage gives you peace of mind when it comes to managing your team
Bank-level security
Keep your data safe at all times with industry-standard encryption and secure file sharing.
Canadian compliance
Collage comes pre-set for Canadian employment standards. Collect SIN, work visas, and federal and provincial tax information with ease.
Live HR support
HR is complex and always changing. We’ll help you get it right. Get personal support from our HR experts via phone, email, or live chat.
“Once you know that everything is in one place, it’s easy to find, and you can access it from anywhere…it completely changed the way we ran our business.”
Catharine Graham
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