Employee Records

Turn employee record keeping from a chore into an advantage
Keeping proper employee records is your responsibility as an employer. Collage helps you accomplish this while staying compliant and unlocking new HR possibilities for your company.
employee database
employee records
Centralize your data & docs
Collect and store everything from employment documents to your employees’ favourite movies. Whatever you need to track, Collage will help you organize it.
employee information
Make data accuracy a group activity
Employees and new hires can easily add and update their information online so it’s kept up-to-date from day one. Employees and admins can access and update their data any time from any device using their unique log-in.
employee information
employee history
Track role and compensation changes over time
Current data doesn't always tell the full story. With Collage, track how roles and compensation evolves for each person through the full lifecycle at your company.
Schedule changes
Collage lets you schedule future changes like promotions and raises - which means you’ll never have to remember (or forget) to make changes when they are needed.
“Once you know that everything is in one place, it’s easy to find, and you can access it from anywhere…it completely changed the way we ran our business.”
Catherine Graham
President, Rightsleeve
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