Career Page Template

February 8, 2024

A printable worksheet with everything you need to create an amazing company career page.

Your company career page is your most important recruiting tool. Make the most of it with this worksheet, designed to help you bring together all of the elements of a great company career page.


In a study of over 180,000 candidates, company career pages were named the #1 source of information to decide if they would apply. Your company career page lays out your company mission, values, and culture. It’s also where you get to show o  your perks, your team, and why your business is a great place to work.

Despite their importance, too many companies treat their career page as an afterthought.

In this worksheet, we’ll help you lay out the foundations you need to grow your team with a free career page template you can print and fill-out.

Download this guide to learn about:
  • A checklist of career page elements
  • Questions to help you define your goals, company culture, and EVP
  • Career page examples
  • Links to a career page case study

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