Onboarding Employees Remotely

February 8, 2024

How to think about onboarding new hires when you aren't in the same room.

A good onboarding experience has proven to increase retention by 82%. How are you adapting your process in increasingly remote work environment?


As an employer, adapting to a competitive and ever-changing market, a need to stay current with emerging technologies, and a requirement to respond swiftly to a rapidly changing employee working environment is more critical than ever. Compounded by a global pandemic, many organizations find themselves struggling to adapt to these constantly evolving demands. One such example is the considerations required for the many activities pertaining to the process of successfully conducting the onboarding process for new hires. In a world where attracting and retaining key talent is becoming more critical than ever, this is an area that should not be ignored.

As we seek to support employers in navigating these challenges and identifying opportunities within their organizations, the following should assist as a guide for employers and people leaders to navigate the delicate and vital transitional period of remotely onboarding new hires.

Download this guide to learn about:
  • Developing a remote onboarding strategy
  • How to facilitate strong communication while working remotely.
  • Organizational tools and enabling technology
  • Building engagement with new hires
  • Support for leaders during the onboarding process

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