Drug and Alcohol Policy

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Drug and Alcohol Policy

Drug and Alcohol Policy Purpose

Every office should have a written substance use or drug and alcohol policy in place that includes workplace rules for legal and medical substances (such as cannabis) as well as illegal and non-medical substances. The purpose is to provide clear guidelines to employees and managers on substance management in the workplace so that you may maintain a safe workplace where all employees are treated fairly and with respect.

Sample Drug and Alcohol Policy Outline

The common terms and contents of a sample drug and alcohol policy include:

The Statement

Your workplace substance use statement should express a clear commitment to providing a safe and healthy work environment for all employees. Employees under the influence of impairment-causing substances, such as drugs or alcohol, can pose serious health and safety risks to themselves and those around them. Employees must also understand their rights surrounding safety-sensitive positions and requesting accommodation.

Policy Overview

Here are some general terms of a workplace drug and alcohol policy:

  • The use, sale, purchase, transfer or possession of any illegal substances that cause impairment, or any legal, non-medically authorized substances that cause impairment, is strictly prohibited in the workplace.
  • Safety-sensitive positions are those in which impairment due to drugs or alcohol could result in direct and significant risk of injury to the employee, others, or the environment. Employees in these roles are required to disclose impairment or the use of any substances that could cause impairment at work to a member of HR immediately.
  • Substance abuse or dependency are a serious medical, social, employment issue. Under Human Rights Legislation, substance dependencies are protected and recognized as a disability and considered to be prohibited grounds of discrimination.
  • If any employee requires accommodation, they must disclose the substance use to a member of HR and make a formal request.

The Procedure

Each company should indicate its respective procedure for receiving complaints, investigating incidents or accusations, taking corrective actions, and supporting employees affected by substance use in the workplace.

Given that legislation for certain substances (such as cannabis) differ from region to region, it is strongly recommended to include a substance classification chart that clearly indicates which substances are tolerated in your company's city, province, or country, and the associated use/disclosure requirements.

Download our free sample drug and alcohol policy for full procedures, disciplinary action, and a substance classification chart.

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