Workplace Harassment Policy

Express your commitment to providing a safe work environment in which all workers are treated with respect and dignity. Start now with our sample workplace harassment policy template. Free to download as a Word document.

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Workplace Harassment Policy

Anti-Harassment Policy Purpose

Every office should have a written anti-harassment policy in place. The purpose is to provide clear guidelines on what constitutes harassment, how employees can report an incident, as well as procedures for investigation and ongoing employee support.

Sample Workplace Harassment Policy

The common terms and contents of a sample workplace harassment policy include:

The statement

Your workplace anti-harassment statement should express a clear commitment to providing a safe, fair, and respectful work environment for all employees. Sexual violence and harassment  can have devastating effects on individuals' quality of life, and should be absolutely prohibited in all workplaces.

The scope

Be sure to indicate to whom the policy applies. A workplace harassment policy should apply to all staff, including independent contractors, volunteers, and interns. Additional information to include in the scope are (1) definitions of harassment and (2) what constitutes the workplace (i.e. the office itself, work-related social functions, work-related conferences, and other offsite work-related activities.)

The procedure

The procedure section outlines roles and responsibilities of employers and employees, both in maintaining a safe workplace and handling incidents should they occur.

Employer responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Ensuring that all employees, including new hires, have read and understood the policy in its entirety
  • Establishing and delivering training and education on harassment prevention
  • Investigating all reports or threats of harassment in a prompt, objective, and sensitive manner
  • Taking immediate action when necessary, including calling the police or ambulance services
  • Taking the necessary corrective actions

Employee responsibilities include:

  • Understanding and complying with the policy
  • Reporting any violations to their immediate manager, team leader, or HR
  • Cooperating during investigations of harassment in the workplace
  • Communicating the policy to all affected persons and enforcing it at all times

Each company should also indicate it's respective procedure for receiving complaints, investigating incidents or accusations, taking corrective actions, and supporting employees affected by harassment in the workplace.

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