6 Collage Features we released from 2022 that you might not have seen

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2022 was an exciting year for the Collage product. We successfully released two headline features in our Home Page and Surveys, and we also added countless to our existing features based on what our clients have asked for.

We’ve plucked out six impactful feature improvements we released in 2022 that could be great lifts for your workflow.

1. Autosaving

Let’s dive right into Autosaving! We’ve added autosaving across our platform for any use case where a user might be drafting content, which will ensure nobody loses their work should a browser session time out. So you won’t have to click save anymore, your draft content will be ready for you if you ever have to revisit a page.

  • The complete list of features where you can find Autosaving: Recruitment, Checkins, Surveys, Performance, Training

2. Recruiting updates

Recruiting made easier. We added star ratings to help teams rate and quickly sort candidates in the recruiting funnel. We added interview guides to help our customers conveniently standardize and record interview questions and responses. We added user tagging to help hiring managers and interviewers share feedback and coordinate recruiting tasks. Finally, a new partnership with Verified First to help run your background checks seamlessly in Collage.

3. Custom fields

More flexibility & organization with Custom Fields as custom fields can now be added in the Job or Personal tab of an employee’s profile with customizable groupings and headers.

  • Pro tip: Custom fields can be used to autofill Dynamic fields in annotating your PDFs and for setting Reminders of key dates.

4. Performance review updates

Closing and sharing specific performance reviews are now supported as managers can now close and share their feedback to their direct report and them without affecting any other team member's reviews.  

5. New home page

We mentioned the new Home Page that all users are now welcomed to when they log in at the beginning. Shortly after it was introduced, we added a directory of links and Files to help make Collage a convenient gateway between different employee resources.

6. Custom roles

More customization has been added for the Custom Roles you can assign to the team. Admins can limit access to certain office locations or departments only or exclude specific locations or departments for your HR or admin team on Collage.

It’s been an incredible year, and we don’t plan to stop anytime soon! Our team is constantly adding new features, which you can find by clicking “What’s New” on the bottom left of your screen when logged into Collage. 

You can also find our collection of help guides and articles that we’ve recently updated at support.collage.co

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