2023 Collage HR Recap

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2023 was a landmark year for Collage and we're thrilled to share our clients’ five favourite product improvements, each built to significantly elevate your HR processes!

1. Slack Integration and Zapier Marketplace 

Our highly requested Slack integration has expanded how you’re able to request, manage, and approve PTO while reducing the amount of platform log-ins needed throughout your PTO workflow.

We've also extended our third-party capabilities to over 6,000+ apps through our Zapier integration. You can now connect Collage to your favourite Zapier-based platforms with one quick set-up.

For our Collage users looking to take advantage of this powerful and expansive integration with Zapier, please note that a separate sign-up for Zapier is required. 

2. Single Sign-On (SSO) Options

In 2023, we expanded our SSO capabilities to include Okta, Google and Microsoft

When choosing to enable a Single Sign-On Option, all users in your company will receive an email with a link that allows them to connect their Identity Provider account (IdP) via Okta, Google, or Microsoft to your Collage account.

3. Applicant Tracking System (ATS) Automation

The ability to efficiently manage your candidate list for an open position is increasingly important. With Collage’s newest ATS functionality, you can easily handle any number of prospective interviews, open postings, and hires. 

When posting a new job, admins now have the option to embed their job postings directly onto their websites through an automatically generated code snippet. Easily add new job postings to your organization’s website with a simple copy-and-paste. 

For hiring, Collage has added an intelligent internal referral functionality, allowing Admins to enable or disable internal referrals for any new or existing job posting. 

When managing prospective interviews or applications, recruiters and hiring admins can now tag collaborators in the Collage ATS. Tagging collaborators will notify the contributor and allow for easy correspondence on the next steps for a specific individual application.

Finally, the recruitment module has been enhanced to include an auto-disqualification feature for candidates, based on specific responses to multiple-choice questions. This automation aids in efficiently filtering candidates and refining the recruitment process.

4. Performance Management updates

As your workplace grows, it’s important to have a robust set of tools to share feedback in a meaningful and easy-to-use way. 

This year, we overhauled our Performance Management capabilities to provide more options and clarity to Admins and Managers. A requested and new client favourite is the ability to leave notes on performance reviews.

Collage has enhanced what Admins can do within the reporting functionality. Custom reports can now be created and shared across the organization to any employee right from the Collage platform. In addition to custom reports, discussion notes between Admins and Managers can be added during performance review management to facilitate better communication. 

Custom reports and standard performance reports are now searchable throughout the platform, allowing immediate access to an employee’s entire history of performance reviews.

Collage additionally rolled out the ability to relaunch surveys. Administrators now have the flexibility to reissue any survey with a newly set due date. For routine surveys, simply click to reissue and skip the re-entry. 

5. New “Bulk Action” Options

Collage's latest update streamlines the recruitment process by introducing bulk action capabilities. Recruiters can now effortlessly select multiple candidates at once to either disqualify them or advance them to the next stage. Big time saver.

Collage has also expanded bulk actions with “Mass Updates”. Admins can now update managers in bulk and can apply bulk edits to all employees or departments, such as percentage increases to pay rates. 

Never miss an update! 

We're always enhancing our platform with new features. To discover the latest updates, simply click on “What’s New” at the bottom left of your screen when you're logged into Collage.

Additionally, we've updated a variety of help guides and articles to assist you further. You can access these valuable resources at support.collage.co.

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