Collage HR's Year-end Payroll Checklist

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After meeting with thousands of Canadian businesses, we know that year-end payroll processing can be extremely daunting.

On top of your normal day-to-day responsibilities, you’re now responsible for preparing an accurate set of payroll documents for your company on a strict government-imposed timeline. Any mistake made in your submission can directly impact the personal taxes of every person on your team or open up the possibility of audits, fines, and more paperwork.

The larger your company grows, the earlier you need to start preparations. For every remote employee or contractor from a different province, there’s a unique set of provincial tax regulations you’ll need to learn, compile and submit.

Even though payroll year-end happens every year, most companies lack systems to manage year-end efficiently. That’s why Laine, our payroll team manager created a checklist for payroll professionals looking for guidance on how to wrap up their year-end as painlessly as possible. 

You can avoid the struggle next year

Looking for an easier solution next tax season? Make payroll a priority next year with Collage HR. 

Our Payroll team believes that the best way to prevent end-of-year payroll pains is to stay on top of it, all year long so there are no unexpected surprises. When tax time rolls around next year, we’ll work with you to help you tackle your T4s, adjustments, returns, and reconciliations to ensure a hassle-free year-end tax season. 

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Laine Greenidge bio:

Laine is a payroll professional with over a decade of multi-provincial payroll experience. She has been the lead and expert for year-end processes throughout her career, specializing in Quebec payroll and organizations with multiple RP accounts. When it comes to having a smooth year-end, Laine says "it's all about the prep work; staying on top of your payroll accounts and balancing as you go are an absolute must!"

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