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Bruce Croxon on BNN

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Can HR be disruptive? Bruce Croxon, former Dragon’s Den investor and host of BNN’s The Disruptors, thinks so. Last week, Bruce and co-host Amber Kanwar discussed the need for disruption in the HR and benefits space in a special segment on Collage.

Getting people benefits as an entrepreneur can be a real pain – there’s definitely a need for this. -Bruce Croxon on Collage

The Disruptors is a weekly TV series that follows international business news and offers expert analysis and advice to Canadian companies looking to scale-up fast. The program introduces viewers to the international business trends and Canadian entrepreneurs who are changing the way we live and work.

In the segment, which aired March 9, 2017, Collage CEO and co-founder Elijah Moore introduced our all-in-one HR and benefits platform designed specifically for Canadian small and medium businesses. “Our software automates a lot of the tedious work involved with managing people in a business. From tracking vacation balances, to onboarding new employees, to coordinating performance management, we make it easy.

Collage helps small businesses provide HR and benefits coverage for workers who would otherwise not have any. It takes care of tedious tasks and hours of paperwork. And best of all, it’s free. -Amber Kanwar on Collage

What we do differently

Disruption hasn’t always been considered a good thing. Traditionally, it means to break, disturb, or interrupt. But rather than seeing disruption and destructive, we see it as a way to build on and improve the systems we rely on most. A way to rethink traditional ways of doing, and to introduce more thoughtful, efficient, and enjoyable processes using modern technology and innovative ideas.

Collage is disrupting a massive market by combining user-friendly technology with an established revenue model to deliver Canadian HR solutions cheaper and better than existing companies can.

Our free HR software was designed with Canadian business owners, administrators, and HR professionals in mind to eliminate tedious paperwork, mitigate risk, and make everyday office tasks easy and enjoyable. But that’s just one half of what we do.

Collage is also Canada’s first 100% digital benefits broker that enables companies to get a quote, buy a plan, and enrol their employees entirely online with no paper forms.

“The interesting part about Collage is that we’ve also integrated benefits management into the platform,” explains Elijah in The Disruptors segment. “To get a benefits plan normally, a company has to get a quote, the process requires a lot of paper, and it can take 4 to 6 weeks. With Collage, you can get a benefits plan instantly. We believe every employee in Canada should have access to benefits, and our platform is going to allow that to happen.”

If you’re a small business trying to attract talent, it’s a negative if you’re not able to offer some kind of benefits coverage. -Amber Kanwar

How we do it all for free

Employee benefits represent a $38 billion market per year in Canada alone. However, the small and medium business segment has traditionally been left out due to overly complicated enrolment processes and rising healthcare costs.

As a licensed insurance broker, Collage earns brokerage fees from insurance providers to help companies buy and manage a benefits plan that truly works for them. Through personalized consultation and paper-free enrolment, we take the stress out of group benefits.

In turn, the commissions earned from the insurance companies allow us to provide our HR platform entirely for free for any business that would like to use it, whether they have benefits or not.

As Bruce Croxon puts it: “the whole issue is distribution, and the barrier to distribution is price.” By providing our product and service at no additional cost to employers, we can ensure that as many businesses across Canada as possible have access to better HR, and a better employment experience for their teams.

It’s time to disrupt how we think about HR

We believe that when people feel taken care of, they can be their best selves at work. We also believe that the workplace is fundamentally changing and that today’s HR and business leaders require new tools that align with their new ways of thinking.

Bruce and Amber have had their say. Now it’s your turn to be a part of the change. Learn what Collage can do for your business by creating a free account today.


Thanks to BetaKit for the feature article, andshout out to Collage users Wealthsimple for their mention on the show!

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