Excel Employee Vacation (PTO) 2024 Calendar Template

Keep detailed track of your employees' vacations and absences (PTO) using this free 2024 employee absence tracker. This free template saves you time and allows for reporting before you decide to adopt an HRIS or another time off or vacation tracking tool.

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Excel Employee Vacation (PTO) 2024 Calendar Template

Employee Vacation & Absence Tracking in Excel

The template, available for free in Excel format, contains a worksheet for each month of the year. Simply fill in your employees’ names and your time off types (vacation, personal leave, sick days, and any custom types), then begin to track their time off usage.

Vacation Tracker Software (PTO Tracker)

More and more businesses are seeing the benefits of automated employee time off management. With time off software, employee requests can be approved or denied with one click, and their accruals are automatically calculated - no paperwork or spreadsheets required.

Our vacation tracker also integrates with Google Calendar, Outlook, and Slack. You also get usage reporting inside of the platform.

Our time off tracker is part of our HRIS, which is built for Canadian businesses and connects seamlessly with our digital employee onboarding, performance management, and broader Collage functionality.

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