Employee Handbook

An employee handbook, also known as company policy manual, is an HR essential for companies of all sizes. Create your own using our comprehensive employee handbook template.

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Employee Handbook

Employee Handbook Purpose

Your employee handbook communicates your company's mission, policies, and behavioural expectations. Whether you are onboarding a new employee or want a resource that existing team members can continually refer to, a clearly written and accessible manual is a must-have companies of all sizes, regardless of their location, culture, or industry.

How to use our Sample Employee Handbook

You may download our free sample employee handbook to use as the basis for your own needs. The document has been written so as to apply to a wide spectrum of small to medium business in almost all sectors and industries. Simply swap out the words in red brackets with your own company information.

It is important to thoroughly read through the sample employee handbook and modify its contents for your organization's needs. The document not a legal document and does not take into account all federal or regional laws that may apply to your business.

The contents included in this sample employee handbook include:

  • A welcome statement
  • First day instructions
  • Company vision and mission statement
  • Code of conduct and workplace behaviour
  • Social media policy
  • Hours of work, vacations, leave, and absences policies
  • Compensation and benefits information
  • Policies for departing the company

Last Updated: December, 2017

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