Digital Onboarding

A faster, more productive way to new employee onboarding
Save time and make for incredible first days by collecting everthing you need from employees online. Collect e-signatures, banking information, benefits enrolment info and even t-shirt sizes in an online experience both you and your new employee will love.
new hire onboarding - esignature
employee onboarding - offer
Hiring documents made easy
Easily send offer letters, contracts and more through Collage's easy-to-use hiring interface.
employee onboarding - offer
employee onboarding - details
Collect your employee data automatically
No more lost paperwork and double-entry. Collage collects all the employee information you need to get your new hires up to speed faster.
employee onboarding - health
Automated benefits enrolment
With Collage, your benefits enrolment is synced with employee onboarding. We’ll automatically enrol your employees in your benefits plan on the right day, and you’ll never have to think about benefits forms again.
employee onboarding - health
Eliminate Costly Errors
Enrolment errors can cost you up to 30% more money and create unneccessary liability.
Reduce Headaches
No more coordinating enrolment and termination forms between you and your insurer.
Deliver a Better Employee Experience
Employees can plan the coordination of coverage at home with their family rather than on their first day in the HR office.
new hire onboarding - tasks
Simplify onboarding with tasks and training
Bringing on new employees takes a team effort. From 30-60-90 meetings to ordering tech hardware to completing health and safety training, it’s too easy to lose track of progress. Collage makes it easy to ensure onboarding gets done properly with re-usable task banks, automated training and email reminders.
new hire onboarding - tasks
“For new hires, Collage’s onboarding is a great experience. Everything is ready before they start their first day, and it shows them they’re joining a professional company."
Cerys Cook
Director of People and Culture, The PUR Company
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