Recruiting / ATS

Make better new employee hiring decisions in less time
Collage applicant tracking system (ATS) streamlines your entire hiring process - from posting jobs to collaborating on interviews to making hiring decisions.
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Manage recruiting like a pro
With Collage, you’ll no longer have to track applicants and candidates in your inbox or spreadsheets. Resumes, references, feedback and position in your hiring flow are easily organized in one easy-to-use interface.
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Look more professional with a custom careers page
With Collage, you can create a custom careers page and job postings—no development required. The best part? Applicants get funneled directly into the plaform.
Make better decisions as a team
Invite hiring managers and employees to collaborate and share feedback directly in the platform.
Easily onboard new hires
Easily transition candidates to employees in Collage with just a few simple clicks. Invite them to join Collage and collect everything you need from them before their first day.
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