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Collage HR is an all-in-one HR management platform built for Canadian businesses that digitizes group benefits enrolments and syncs enrolment data with your BBD Benefits Administration Plan.

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Collage HR Overview

One platform to manage HR from their first interview to their last day, and everything in between

Everything you need to manage your team’s HR in one place
Ditch the spreadsheets and start managing your employee data with a dynamic, intuitive and feature-rich HR system that streamlines HR from end to end
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Tools to manage and measure performance for the whole team
Any manager will tell you that running performance reviews using static documents is a giant headache. Collage enables managers to conduct more meaningful review sessions with a fraction of the effort.
  • 360 degree reviews
  • Goal management
  • Recurring checkins
  • Team surveys
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Attract top candidates and simplify your hiring process
Our embedded Applicant Tracking System (ATS) streamlines the process of recruiting and hiring new team members so that businesses can look more professional, spend less time recruiting and make better hiring decisions.
  • Custom job site
  • Offer letters
  • Candidate database
  • Interview Pipelines
  • Candidate communication
  • Job board integrations
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Put your benefits administration on autopilot
Manage your benefits plan administration from end to end directly within Collage HR, which eliminates the need for double-data entry and cuts down on costly enrollment errors. Plus, drive employee engagement and experience by delivering a seamless benefits onboarding experience.
  • Online enrollments
  • Benefits summary portal
  • Instant benefits reports
  • Dependent management
  • Sync HR data with benefits carrier
  • Works with most Canadian benefits providers
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Spend way less time on payroll tasks
Are you tired of running payroll yourself? Access our team of payroll experts who can help ease the burden and ensure your payroll gets done right. Choose from one of our service packages based on your needs.
  • Payroll data sync with leading providers
  • Implementation support
  • Access a dedicated payroll manager
  • Payroll year-end support
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FAQs for BBD clients

Who owns the data?
Clients maintain 100% ownership of their data when they use Collage HR.

We do not use or share the data for any purpose other than to provide the services and functionality of our offering.

Client rights to data ownership and privacy are available in our Service Agreement and Privacy Policy.
Where is the data stored? Is it secure?
Collage’s client and platform data is hosted in the cloud using Amazon Web Services' Montreal data centres.

Collage uses bank-level encryption and industry best practices for data security and security monitoring.
What support does Collage HR offer?
You will continue to enjoy the usual support and guidance you have always received from your BBD client team, but now you will also be able to count on the support from the Collage team.

Collage offers a 1:1 product demo session and personalized onboarding support to help you get set up and trained on the platform.

Afterward, you can access live chat and email support from Collage HR on business days.
Is our business too small for an HRIS?
While most businesses add an HR tool when they have around five employees, no business is too small to make use of Collage’s technology.

Building a strong digital foundation when your business is small, will help you transition smoothly as you grow.

*To use Collage HR with BBD integration, there is a minimum requirement of 3 lives.
I'm an existing/new BBD Client, can I still use NOMAD?
You will continue to be able to access NOMAD but with a new read-only permission level. This is done to ensure that all data changes are entered in Collage to eliminate discrepancies between your HR and Benefits data.
What if we choose not to use Collage?
If you choose not to use Collage HR for your business, you can expect the same level of support you've always had from your customer service team at BBD.
What happens if my company leaves BBD/NOMAD?
If you move your benefits plan, you must pay for Collage HR directly.

Collage HR may not be able to integrate HR with digital benefits through your new benefits provider.
What is the cost?
For clients of BBD, there is no additional cost to adopt Collage HR. This is a significant value-add, as Collage HR is $132 per employee per year. 

There is an additional cost for BBD clients who choose to add optional payroll services to their Collage HR account.
We don't have an HR Team do we need this?
Even for companies without an HR department, Collage HR makes it easier to run an effective HR program and to stay compliant.

Collage HR saves time and effort involved with hiring and onboarding employees, tracking time off and coordinating data with your payroll systems (optional payroll sync service).
Can we still use normal enrolment forms or are we required to use Collage HR?
Our preferred method is electronic enrolment using Collage HR as it is more efficient and less prone to errors.

However, this is your choice and we recognize that some plan sponsors may still prefer to use manual enrolment forms at implementation.
Can we also sync our payroll to HR and Benefits? Which providers are compatible with Collage?
We offer optional Payroll Sync for an extra $3 per employee/per month or optional full service payroll starting at $15 per employee/per month.

We sync with
-Ceridian PowerPay & PowerPay Plus
-ADP TeamPay
-Deluxe PayWeb (formerly Nebs)

If our business is over 200 lives, can we still use Collage HR?
Yes. Collage HR is included at no additional cost for employers and sponsors under 200 lives.

If you are a larger business, please contact your BBD representative for more information.
How we're different

Making payroll, benefits and HR work together

We understand HR doesn't work in isolation.

With Collage HR, you can connect your HR system to leading payroll and benefits providers. Get the advantages of an all-in-one solution without leaving behind your trusted benefits advisor, benefits carrier or undertaking a painful and risky payroll migration.

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See how we’ve helped Canada’s top growing companies

Whether you’re starting up, scaling up or modernizing your workplace, Collage HR offers flexible tools that scale with your needs
Shawna Steward profile
Shawna Stewart
VP People Operations
Financial Technology
Financial data API company Railz Financial uses Collage HR to recruit, onboard and manage people ops for their fully distributed team of 50+ staff
Core HR
Time Off
Gabe de Puyjalon profile pic
Gabe de Puyjalon
Head of Operations
Read how Leonardo Canada – Electronics successfully scaled their team by 300% with the help of Collage HR
Time Off
Core HR
Payroll Sync
Max Sanchez profile pic
Max Sanchez
Director, People Operations
Media & Entertainment
Narcity Media Group is one of the fastest-growing digital media publishers for millennials in North America. Read how they used Collage HR to scale their team
Time Off
Core HR
Full-Service Payroll
Vince Kwong profile pic
Vince Kwong
Director, Finance and Administration
Non-Profit | Media & Entertainment
Learn how the largest non-profit professional media arts organization in Canada uses Collage HR to efficiently manage their people operations
Time Off
Core HR
Payroll Sync

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