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Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA): The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) for businesses refers to the branch of the CRA that deals specifically with Canadian businesses in terms of tax collection, compliance, and administration. This includes a wide range of responsibilities and services related to business taxation, such as:

-Tax Collection: Administers corporate taxes, payroll taxes, GST/HST, and other business-related taxes.

-Tax Filings and Compliance: Ensures businesses comply with Canadian tax laws through proper filing of tax returns and documents.

-Audits and Enforcement: Conducts business audits to ensure accurate income reporting and tax payments, and enforces compliance.

-Taxpayer Services: Provides assistance and resources to businesses for understanding and meeting their tax obligations.

-Tax Credits and Incentives Administration: Manages programs like the SR&ED tax incentive to encourage business investment in research and development.

-Business Account Registration: Offers services for businesses to register for GST/HST, payroll, and corporate tax accounts.

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