Time Off Management

Paid time off and vacation tracking for modern companies
Take a permanent vacation from time off emails and spreadsheets. No matter what time off you’d like to track, Collage makes it easy to manage requests, track balances and coordinate with your team.
time off management
custom time off policies
Your house, your rules
Whether you’d like track vacation days, lieu days or work from home days, Collage is flexible and adaptable to the way your company works.
custom time off policies
Fully Customizeable
Whether you need custom time off types or unlimited vacation, we can support it.
Automatic Accruals & Calculations
Collage automatically calculates employee time off balances so you don't have to.
Employee Visibility
Employees can view current and future time off accruals so you won’t have to respond to countless inquiries.
paid time off requests
Say yes to simplified requests and approvals
Stop wasting time and energy coordinating time off requests using email and spreadsheets. Collage streamlines the interactions between employees and managers and calculates balances automatically.
paid time off requests
pto calendar
Better context, better coordination
From vacation usage to other team member absenses, Collage gives managers the data they need to understand and act on time off requests. Plus, sync Collage with your calendar to keep everyone up-to-date on who is away and when.
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