Time Off Management

Take the chore out of time off tracking

Spend way less time tracking employee leave. Employees make requests, managers approve them, and Collage tracks accruals and balances so you don’t have to. Do it all from our mobile-friendly platform that syncs with your calendar and payroll.
time off management
Time Off Management Features
  • Automatic calculations
    Collage automatically calculates usage, balances, and accruals, then shows you the numbers in real-time.
  • Email alerts and approvals
    Keep managers and employees informed with email reminders for requests and approvals.
  • Custom leave types
    Track any type of leave, such as work from home, emergency leave, or personal development days.
  • Seniority bonuses
    Give employees automatic bonus vacation days based on their tenureship with your company.
  • Calendar integrations
    Collage syncs with your calendar app so teams can easily see who’s away, when.
  • Custom policy rules
    Control prorated accruals, accrual frequency, waiting periods, and carry-over rules.
  • Auto and multi-stage approvals
    Decide who approves time off requests for groups or specific employees.
  • Manual leave adjustments
    Easily add or remove leave allowance for individual employees.
  • Easy reporting
    Monitor company trends, such as excessive sick leave, with detailed reports you can export and share.
Real-time balances
Step-by-step, Collage walks you through creating your own time-off policies with helpful tips and compliance checks to help ensure you’re covering all your bases.
time off management
employee records
Better visibility across your organization
No surprise vacations. Collage syncs with your calendar app so teams can easily see who’s away, when.
Create transparent and flexible policies
Employees can view their real-time balances and how they got there, so you’ll spend less time answering time off questions.
time off management
employee records
Centralized time off requests
See your team’s pending requests in one place instead of scattered across emails and sticky notes.
time off management
Keep payroll up-to-date
Collage syncs your time off data directly with payroll for accurate and error-free processing. Plus, get one-click reconciliation reports you can easily export and share.
" With Collage's time off tracking alone, I save at least 1-2 hours of work per week. "
Andrea Lee
Canadian Cardiovascular Society
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