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Introducing Collage Applicant Tracking

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Business owners love to hate hiring. Growth equals success, (congrats!) but it also means putting in the time, money, and emotional investment to find the right person for their team.

In terms of time, we know the drill: there’s recruiting, screening, interviewing, background checks, references, feedback, offers, more interviews…and if all goes well, onboarding a brand new hire to your team.

Money-wise, there are distressing stats. U.S. companies spend $4000 on average to fill a position and can lose up to $15,000 if that hire doesn’t work out.

Then, the emotional investment. For every winning candidate, there are at least a few who you liked, but who didn’t make the cut. Letting them know can cause feelings of guilt and discord.

We know this from experience and from our customers, who’ve made one thing very clear: when it comes to the hard work of hiring, there has to be a better way.

Today, we’re announcing the launch of Collage Applicant Tracking, an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) built for fast-growing businesses who want to love hiring, period.

How it works

Collage Applicant Tracking is a seamless solution for recruiting to onboarding and everything in between. Effortlessly create a careers page, develop a hiring funnel, and find the right hire, all without a single spreadsheet.

Recruiting software and ATS are proven ways to enhance your hiring process. Fully 75% of respondents in a Capterra survey said they use an ATS, and a staggering 94% said recruiting software has improved their hiring process.

Source: Capterra Recruiting Software Impact Report
Source: Capterra Recruiting Software Impact Report

Attract more hires

When you’re ready to post a new job, simply create a custom careers page and upload your job description. We’ve done the backend work, so all you see is a beautiful, branded page with a shareable link for social networks and job boards.

Stay beautifully organized

As applicants come in, they’ll flow into your candidate pool, along with their resumes, LinkedIn profiles, and contact info. You’ll get an email notification for each application—but that’s the only reason to mention email here. Everything else is organized, centralized, and spreadsheet-free.

Hire as a team

Each stage of the hiring funnel is entirely customizable and designed for structured recruiting processes. And because great hiring doesn’t happen in a vacuum, we’ve added the ability to invite hiring collaborators to share their comments and reviews directly within the platform.

Don’t waste a minute

Once you’re ready to make a hire, the winning candidate is seamlessly transitioned from applicant to employee with Collage’s Digital Onboarding.

We’ll send a custom (digitally signed) offer letter, enrol them in the right time off and benefits plan, and transfer all of their information from the ATS to your Employee Directory. No redundancies, no time wasted, and we’ll say it again: no spreadsheets.

Keep calm and grow on

As your business grows, spend more time getting to know candidates and less time scrambling to recruit with paper processes.

Hiring should be a time to celebrate, not to stress about paperwork.  Impress candidates, simplify hiring, and start growing your business.

Create your first job posting with Collage Applicant Tracking.

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