Narcity Media: Rapid People Scaling Through a Nimble Partner

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Max Sanchez-Luckert,
Director, People Operations.
Company: Narcity Media Group
Industry: Media
North America
Company size:
117 Employees

Narcity Media Group, founded in 2013, is one of the fastest-growing digital media publishers for millennials in North America. They own and operate five digital brands, most notably and Covering everything from up-to-the-minute breaking news stories to original travel bucket lists, their extensive network of journalists & content creators spans from coast to coast.


As Narcity Media Group (NMG) began rapidly scaling the size of its teams, the company realized it needed to implement an adaptable and people-first platform that would scale alongside them. NMG was looking for a solution that would be intuitive, flexible, and easily accessible anytime.

When their People and Culture team discovered Collage HR, they saw great value in the potential solution. After seeing it in action, NMG quickly determined that Collage HR was the right tool to help manage their team and prospective applicants.

Hiring and onboarding done right

NMG’s recruitment team found that Collage HR’s sleek and intuitive design combined with intelligent built-in ATS functionality ensured that Narcity would attract the best applicants while staying organized throughout the hiring process.

Using Collage HR’s turn-key job page functionality, NMG can easily create an open position, then automatically share the listing to Linkedin and other popular career boards to find the best talent suited for the role.

According to Max, he has found that  

“Collage contributes substantially to our hiring objectives via the ATS function.”

Since implementing Collage’s ATS tracking, NMG has hired over 60 new employees across the company in the last couple of years.

When the right applicant is found, NMG can easily send an offer, procure the necessary tax forms, and sign the final employment agreement within the same platform.

Centralized employee data, accessible from day one

For NMG, Collage makes it easy to maintain the employee data they need while eliminating tedious double-entry. When employees take time off or update their personal information, Collage will reflect the changes in real time, increasing visibility across the organization.

From onboarding to their last day, employees and administrators can keep track of their sensitive data, all in one secure place.

Max describes the Collage onboarding process as

“Pretty simple, from an employee and administrator standpoint. The platform is very intuitive.”

With Collage HR’s flexibility, NMG can self-onboard new hires while ensuring that no vital information gets lost along the way.

Thoughtful support on standby

As NMG continues to grow, its People and Culture team is most impressed with Collage HR’s adaptability and consistent product development. By working directly with the Customer Success and Product team, Max receives hands-on assistance finding specific solutions to best use the platform.

He describes his interactions with the Collage team as extraordinary, detailing “I have always had productive exchanges and found solutions to problems very fast.”

Max finds that the collaborative feedback process with Collage’s team is a valuable and unique part of the HRIS that best helps the software fit NMG’s needs.

“Collage HR is always open to product feedback and has integrated solutions to better suit our needs.”

By working directly with Collage, NMG has been able to best tailor the platform to their fast-paced media company over the past three years.
NMG is confident that as their company continues to scale, Collage HR will be there every step of the way to help facilitate their growing needs.

 Narcity Media Group is one of the thousands of businesses that choose Collage HR to manage their HR, Payroll, and Benefits.


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