How Railz Financial uses Collage HR to manage, grow and engage their distributed team

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Shawna Stewart,
VP of People & Operations
Railz Financial
Financial technology
Location: Toronto
Company size: 56 Employees

Railz is the only financial data-as-a-service solution that connects, normalizes, and provides insights and analytics on financial data from top accounting service providers.

Shawna Stewart has spent a great deal of time working with various HR solutions and platforms in her career. With each solution she tried, she experienced a range of problems - from juggling too many fragmented products, to dealing with lack of functionality, to experiencing underwhelming support.

In her previous role, Shawna ended up implementing Collage HR and found that is was the only software that she found that delivered everything she needed reliably. Naturally, she was eager to bring it into her new role at Railz Financial when she joined earlier this year.

Today Shawna relies on Collage HR as the command centre for people operations at Railz Financial. She uses its core functionality to manage employee data, and she takes advantage of multiple modules like performance management, recruiting and offer letters to connect with her team, store sensitive information, and to recruit and onboard new employees across the country.

Collage HR’s payroll sync functionality allowed Shawna to virtually eliminate the time spent doing data entry in her payroll system, which gives her back valuable time she can spend building out her vision of the HR organization at Railz Financial.

But Shawna’s favourite part is that Collage HR is so intuitively designed that her whole team can use it with ease from day one without significant support or training.

"It's very simple to use. There's no training required. Everything flows really well."

When it comes to issuing offers to prospective new hires, Shawna believes that this is a crucially important moment in the employee lifecycle; however, since speed can often make or break the success of an offer, she didn't want to become a bottleneck to drafting and issuing an offer letter either. This is why she quickly acted to implement Collage HR's Offer Letter feature:

"Adding the offer letters feature was a huge benefit to us. Now we can really track how we're doing and, [take] a little bit of the pressure off of myself, because my team is now equipped to send out offers on their own."

Shawna knows that she and her colleagues can rely on the Collage HR team to be responsive, consistent, and intelligent.

As an all-in-one solution, Collage HR gives Shawna unique access to a wide variety of insights and data points that empower her to thrive in her role.

"With Collage HR, I can actually say, 'Hey these are our KPI's this quarter, and this is how we sort of pushed the needle on that' Definitely something that helps us understand the full picture of what we're trying to achieve [now] because we can actually track them in the quarterly recorder."

The future is bright for Railz Financial, and Shawna rests easy knowing she comes to work every day with the right system in place to achieve her people ops objectives.

"It's really a quality of life thing, it's a huge game changer for us as we move forward"
Railz Financial is one of the thousands of businesses who choose Collage HR to manage their HR, Payroll, and Benefits.


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