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When HR graduates enter the workforce without knowing the tools of their trade, both the grads and their future employers lose.

Technology is becoming indispensable to modern HR, meaning school curricula must adapt to keep their students competitive in the industry. Meanwhile, employers rely on cutting-edge HR experts to keep their businesses healthy and compliant.

Today, we’re excited to introduce Collage HR Labs, a project that aligns our mission — helping businesses take care of their people — with leading postsecondary schools in Canada to prepare their students for the future of HR.

Modern HR software automates tedious tasks, increases data security, mitigates risk, and reduces errors. Compared to manually logging data, an HRIS platform empowers HR professionals to take better care of their employees, so that they can take care of their customers.

Yet somehow, our future HR leaders are stuck in classrooms learning Excel spreadsheets instead of real-world software.

Employers know it, students know it, and we know it: the HR landscape is changing. So why isn’t their HR education?

How it works

Put simply: when students learn using the best tools, they are prepared for the very best jobs.

Collage HR Labs brings our free HR and benefits platform directly into the classroom, giving students a hands-on, comprehensive simulation of real world HRIS.

From digital onboarding to setting up group benefits plans and time-off policies, students will learn how HR software can reduce cost, manage important data, and even facilitate compliance with Canadian legislation.

These students will then be able to hit the ground running, taking their expertise to future employers and helping them take care of their people.

Collage combines a beautiful, powerful, and intuitive interface with industry-recognized HRIS best-practices. That means no matter which platform HR graduates end up using, they will be better equipped to succeed.

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What’s next?

As of this week, class is in session for Humber College’s HRM Class of 2017. Over the course of a semester, both the Graduate and Bachelor programs will be integrating Collage’s cloud-based platform into their capstone projects.

Students will be tasked with implementing a functional HR strategy — including our HRIS — in real, not-for-profit companies. To succeed, they will have to apply their academic knowledge of core HR components, management skills, and passion for people.

Along the way, our Collage HR experts will be available to provide guidance on our platform and insight into the industry. We have also created a special newsletter specifically for Humber HRM students to access cutting-edge HR and business information, and insider job opportunities within the Collage network of clients and partners.

We’re honoured to launch the Collage HR Labs pilot in partnership with Humber College, home of the longest running HR postgraduate program in Canada.

Humber is also the alma mater of some of our very own! Collage is proud to have hired several Humber HRM graduates into our amazing team, who get the chance to display their expertise and passion for HR every single day.

Just like we do, Humber puts their people first. This means listening to their needs and adapting their curriculum ahead of the changing industry landscape. In partnership with Collage, Humber is giving Canada’s next generation of HR talent even more opportunities to thrive.

As an all-in-one HR and benefits platform, it goes without saying that we care about the future of HR. And we know that future begins with today’s ambitious students.

With Collage HR Labs, we hope to give them the tools they need to succeed and drive this industry forward.

Let’s build the future of HR education, the future of Canadian businesses, and a future where we can all take care of our people.

Let’s do it with Collage HR Labs in classrooms across Canada.


Collage is a beautiful, automated HR and benefits platform that frees business administrators from tedious tasks so they can focus on meaningful work. We believe taking care of your people should be easy, and we are re-inventing the way Canadian businesses (and students) manage HR to prove it.

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