How Leonardo Canada - Electronics successfully scaled their team by 300% with the help of Collage HR

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Gabe de Puyjalon

Gabe de Puyjalon,
Head of Operations

Leonardo Canada- Electronics
Industry: Aerospace, Defence and Security 
Location: Ottawa
Company size: 57 Employees

LCE develops multi-domain capabilities in the Aerospace, Defence and Security sector. The company plays a prominent role in major international strategic programmes and is a trusted technological partner of governments, defence agencies, institutions and enterprises. Innovation, continuous research, digital manufacturing and sustainability are the cornerstones of LCE’s business worldwide.


In 2019, LCE (Leonardo Canada-Electronics) was experiencing a range of issues with their previous HR and payroll provider. Their employee usage and satisfaction was low because of the provider's cumbersome UI/UX functionality, and the LCE team was having trouble getting the support they needed to resolve important payroll deficiencies. When the provider began missing CPP contributions and provided little assistance to rectify the situation, LCE chose to migrate their HR and payroll management to Collage HR.

"We moved to Ceridian which was facilitated through Collage HR. [Collage] helped a lot with the migration, they really did."

When Gabe joined the team later that year, he immediately saw value in Collage HR’s capability as an all in one solution. He was thrilled he could manage all of LCE’s employee data with a dynamic, intuitive and feature-rich HR system that streamlines HR and payroll from end to end.

Setting up a scalable recruiting workflow

When Leonardo Canada-Electronics began to grow their team, they turned to Collage HR ATS  to set up their entire recruitment and hiring workflow.

For LCE, recruiting starts with their company job page where their postings are shared online. At any given time, LCE has multiple open employment opportunities, so they took advantage of Collage HR’s turn-key job page which automatically pushes new postings to their company website as well as to Indeed job board via Collage HR’s direct integration. For LCE, this helps them to look professional and attract a broad pool of candidates without needing to involve a web developer every time there is a change.

The next challenge Gabe needed to tackle was managing the interview process across their open roles and various interview stages. To do this, Gabe took advantage of the built-in job funnel management functionality in Collage HR’s Applicant Tracking System. He set up custom hiring pipelines for each new job opening and invited the right stakeholders into each job posting as a collaborator, allowing the whole team to share and read feedback on each individual hire. This functionality saved Gabe and his team countless hours and gave his team the mental clarity they needed to make great hiring decisions

Recently when Collage HR launched digital offer letter functionality, Gabe and his colleagues began to use the feature to create and send out comprehensive employment contracts to collect e-signatures from each new hire, to save on time spent on securing the right candidate.

"From a recruitment point of view, [Collage HR] is helpful for collaborative use. It’s pretty critical, because we send out everything and then get it signed, in a pretty efficient way. The e-signature feature is great because we don't have to buy an extra application like DocuSign."

Since 2019, Leonardo Canada-Electronics has tripled their headcount with Collage HR. Gabe rests easy knowing that as the company continues to grow, Collage HR will grow with them to accommodate their needs. 

"When I joined [Leonardo], we were at a headcount of 16 employees. I was the 17th, and we're at 57 now. Collage HR grows with your business"

Setting up payroll to work seamlessly with HR

One of the main frustrations for the LCE team was that their previous payroll system wasn’t set up in a way that allowed them to process payroll effectively. When they moved to Collage HR, they took advantage of Collage’s Managed Payroll offering to clean up their payroll processes, migrate payroll platforms and make their HR and payroll operations much more scalable moving forward.

If you ask Gabe, this turned out to be a great decision:

"An advisor at Collage said 'I can help you move to a bi-weekly pay period instead of monthly. It's not very complicated. This is how it would work' Collage HR helped us take our payroll to the 21st century."

With Collage HR’s knowledgeable and friendly payroll support, Gabe trusts that everyone including new hires, will be paid accurately and on time. Gabe also no longer worries about Canadian compliance, because he knows his dedicated payroll manager will keep the company up-to-date on tax filings, T4s, employment records and changing legislation.

"I'm happy to say that we are fully compliant with all Canadian federal, provincial and local legislation. Collage HR keeps us up to date and compliant ."

By adopting Managed Payroll alongside Collage HR, Gabe is now truly able to focus more on people than paperwork.

HR management that gets better and better

According to Gabe, their team is content knowing they can securely access their employment data, check out their benefits plan, and even check in with their manager, no matter where they are.

"Collage HR is so seamless and efficient. You can connect with it anywhere in the world, which is great.  And if our team encounters any issues, they can resolve it themselves. And if not they can contact support and get it resolved quickly."

As of today Gabe is a self proclaimed power user and eagerly awaits Collage HR’s quarterly product updates.

"Collage HR is not a problem looking for a solution. It's an actual solution. It is seamless, and all encompassing. It's genuinely progressive. Collage's team actually tends to anticipate our needs before we even ask."

Going forward, Gabe knows that as Leonardo Canada-Electronics continues to grow, Collage HR will be there every step of the way to facilitate their increasing needs.

 Leonardo Canada-Electronics is one of the thousands of businesses who choose Collage HR to manage their HR, Payroll, and Benefits.

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